Service Equipment for Automatic Gas Fire Suppression systems

Service Equipment for Automatic Gas Fire Suppression systems

The service, auxiliary and special equipment for automatic gas extinguishing installations include:

Threaded connections (A-RS) - designed for the assembly of distribution pipelines in hard-to-reach places or in areas where welding is prohibited;

Incentive cylinder (A-BP) - designed for storing and supplying gas to the pneumatic cylinders of the starting-up devices (ZPU) of the modules isothermal for liquid carbon dioxide (MIJU) or distribution devices (RUA);

Wall passages - designed for laying pipelines through the walls of containers;

Collectors for MGP and RUA (A-K, A-KR, A-K-RUA) - are intended for connecting MGP or RUA to the main pipeline;

Branch pipes under nozzles (A-PN) - are intended for connection of the pipeline with nozzles;

Decorative gaskets (A-PD) - designed to hide defects when mounting nozzles through a false ceiling;

Ramps for mounting MGP (AR) - designed for mounting MGP-16, MGP-35 and MGP-50. Ramps are divided into single and double row, collapsible and welded. Attached to the IHL ramps with hose clamps;

Collars for fastening of MGP (A-HM) - are intended for fastening of MGP to a wall, wall supports and a ramp;

Arms for small-size MGP (A-KRSH) - designed for mounting small-size gas fire extinguishing modules (MGP-16-5, MGP-16-10);

Wall supports - designed for mounting the modules to the wall;

Collector supports for MGP and RUA (AO) - designed to install a collector for MGP or RUA;

High-pressure hoses and pipelines for pneumatic start (RVD-16, RVD-35 and RVD-50) are designed for flexible connection of the gas extinguishing module to the manifold or pipeline;

Adapters welded and threaded (A-PP, AH) - are designed to connect the SPS of MGP with pipeline;

Weld nipples for high-pressure hoses (AH) - designed to connect high-pressure hoses to a pipeline;

Pressure indicator (A-SD) - designed to monitor the presence of pressure GOTV in the manifold or pipeline gas fire extinguishing installations. Pressure indicator A-SD is available in general industrial, marine and explosion-proof performance. In the explosion-proof version, the A-SD complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR TS 012/2011 “On safety of equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres”. The pressure detector has an explosion protection marking - 1ExdIICT6Gb, degree of protection against external influences IP 66 according to GOST 14254 and ambient temperature during operation from - 60 to + 60 ° С;

Device for crimping and flushing (A-UOP) - designed to purge and test the pipeline for strength and tightness;

Cylinder for pressure testing and purging (A-BOPP) - designed to store and supply gas used for pressure testing, purging and checking the strength and tightness of the pipeline;

Test plugs (A-ZI) - designed to be installed on the exhaust pipe instead of nozzles when conducting hydraulic or pneumatic tests;

Cap pipe for welding (A-ZT) - designed to seal the end opening of the manifold;

Transport trolleys (A-TT) - designed for the transport of gas fire extinguishing modules (MGP);

Lift for MGP (AP) - designed for lifting and removing gas fire extinguishing modules from racks with weighing devices;

The filling device (A-UZ) is intended for filling gas extinguishing modules with gas fire extinguishing agents;

A device for refueling MGP (A-CO-PZ) - designed to provide protection against the movement of the IGP STP valve in the process of filling IHL with gas fire extinguishing substances (GOTV);

Device for testing PEM (A-CO-PP) - designed to monitor the operation of an electromagnetic drive (PEM) installed on the shut-off device of a gas fire extinguishing module under pressure;

Keys and mandrels for the special MPS are designed to install and remove the rear nut, to install and remove the MPS in the neck (from the neck) of the cylinder and to install the valve inside the body of the MPS;

Stand for testing ZPU (A-SO-STI) - designed to monitor the performance and tightness of the shut-off devices of gas extinguishing modules;

Ramp test (A-SO-RI) - designed to mount the modules when they are tested;

Container for equipment (А-Т) - intended for storage and transportation of equipment





























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